Rocklin Manufacturing Co. commenced operations in 1934 by I.J. Rocklin, who graduated from the University of Iowa in 1930 with a degree in mechanical engineering. "IJ" is superimposed on the mural that is dedicated to his memory.

The Early Years

Before WWII, Rocklin manufactured and marketed farm machinery accessories that were resumed after the War. These included pump jacks, disc and tillage tools, corn pickers, hydraulic pump and value components, farm wagon box hardware kits, farm tractor grader blades, various tractor attachments, power drive accessories such as universal joints and slip clutches, tractor and self-propelled saws and mowers, including the MY-T-MO rotary mower, and the Rocklin Water Level Control units for farm and ranch stock tanks.

Helping the War Effort

During WWII the factory operated 24 hours a day to produce subassemblies for tanks and trucks, particularly tank escape hatches, transmission parts and running gear components for tanks, 4 x 4, and 6 x 6 trucks. Our building mural (above) graphically details men and also "Rosie the Riveter" type women working side by side to support the war materiel effort.

In the 1960's Rocklin participated in several missile base projects providing spring mounts, pneumatic cylinder sway dampers and hydraulic blast door stand components.

The Invention of the Rocklinizer

In the mid 1960's, I.J. Rocklin invented and patented the Rocklinizer which electronically deposits carbide, which is a hard and wear resistant material, to tools and dies to extend their useful life, for gripping, or for maintenance applications. The Rocklinizer continues to be manufactured and is marketed worldwide to metal working and metal fabricating companies.

The MoldMender is Introduced

The companion industrial electronic product called the Moldmender micro welder was subsequently developed. The Moldmender is a spot welder that applies metallic ribbon, wire, paste or powder to repair primarily plastic injection molds and die cast dies made of steel.

It too is manufactured by Rocklin and marketed worldwide.

Equipment Sales Co. Subsidiary Launched

Built on an established, global network of sales representatives, Rocklin entered into partnerships to market, sell and distribute high-quality, internationally manufactured products throughout North America. These include a full line of marking products, such as the 100% portable, battery-operated FlyMarker┬«, and two microwelding units, the Lase One and the WS.  

Rocklin is growing through partnerships with international manufacturers seeking North American sales and distribution expertise.

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