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Posted by Ross Rocklin in Rocklin Mfg on 3/28/2017

The Rocklinizer Applicator Gets A Makeover

Rocklinizer Applicator

We recently designed the new rotary applicator for the Rocklinizer Carbide Application Equipment to be used with the Model 850 and the all new Model 950. As we put the finishing touches on the applicator, the question of branding came up. How do we show the applicator is a clear extension of the Rocklinizer, our proven electronic spark deposition process that extends tool and die life, reduces metal on metal wear, and enhances gripping? In other words, how do we make the applicator look as good as the results the Rocklinizer delivers?

Fortunately, the answer was right in front of us. As the North American distributor for the LaserEvo laser marking unit, we are intimately familiar with its capabilities to rapidly mark a variety of materials from plastics to metals to varnished materials. Why not use it to brand our Rocklinizer applicator?


The shell of the rotary applicator is made out of aluminum, and after testing various options, we decided that the best approach was marking on anodized aluminum. The white mark produced a clear mark that “popped” off of the black shell. Along with the Rocklinizer logo, we added a hot surface warning, our Rocklin Manufacturing Co. logo, and a serial number. The end result is we are ready for mass production with branding we can be proud of.

Here is a 30-second video showing the fiber laser marking process of the Rocklinizer rotary applicator including the sheer speed at which the LaserEvo can produce it.

Rocklinizer Applicator

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If you would like a LaserEvo sample on anodized aluminum or any other surface, or to learn more about the Rocklinizer and see an in-house demo by a Rocklin representative, please Contact Us today.


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