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Posted by Ross Rocklin in Rocklin Mfg on 4/25/2017

Imagine you’re running an expensive mold and a tool gets dropped on it. You’re now left with a scratch and a small nick on the mold to go along with a big headache. What should you do?

You could send it out for repair, but that’s expensive and then you’re left without the use of your mold for days or even weeks at a time. You could try to repair it with a TIG, but you’re concerned about precision on such a small repair area, and the heat could cause shrinking next to the weld or splatter on adjacent areas. Another option is to just buy a new mold with the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars you had sitting around for this exact rainy day.


Assuming those options don’t sound appealing, a better solution is having your own micro welder in-house for mold and die repair. We’ll discuss two options: a non-arcing, spot welding process via the MoldMender Micro Welder and a plasma-pulled arc welding process by the Lase One Micro Welder.

Rocklin MoldMender Microwelder

For the first example, the MoldMender, you take the same material as the base, such as S-7, H-13, A-2, or 420 stainless, and bond either ribbon, wire, paste or powder onto the repair area. You can build up multiple layers as needed, and no finishing is required until the desired amount is achieved. Then you can finish with grinding, machining, EDM’ing, etc.

The MoldMender is fully portable, so you can complete the repairs on the mold or die without even moving it. Whether it’s parting lines, corners, pin holes, or other machine errors, the MoldMender is an inexpensive and easy solution for small repairs with no welding experience necessary. This 15-second clip shows the MoldMender in action.

Lase One Microwelder

Lase One Micro WelderLase One Micro Welder

The MoldMender welds on all ferrous metals, but what if you have an aluminum or a beryllium copper mold that needs repair? The answer is still a micro welder, but we recommend the Lase One, which welds both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Like the MoldMender, the Lase One also results in no heating or deformation and offers the ability to weld on small and large pieces. Applications include: aluminum, steel, copper, jewelry, aeronautics, batteries, and accumulators, among many others.

At just a fraction of the setup time, the maintenance, and especially the cost of a laser welder, the end result is a similar quality weld to a laser plus much greater reliability and money left over in your company’s pockets.

So before your next mold or die repair, consider an affordable micro welder like the MoldMender or the Lase One. They’ll resolve your small issues before they become big headaches.

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