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Posted by Ross Rocklin in Rocklin Mfg on 8/17/2017

Since our founding in 1934, we have a long and rich manufacturing history ranging from our roots in agricultural equipment to supporting the World War II effort to industrial electronic equipment including the Rocklinizer and MoldMender to now North American distribution of quality products including the FlyMarker, LaserEvo and Lase One. While product lines have evolved over 83 years, our company has remained focused on manufacturing, selling, and servicing only the highest quality products for manufacturers around the world.

Earlier this year we began a project to consolidate into our company’s original building that has lain dormant for many years. Originally built in 1912, it’s an impressive brick building that originally housed Sioux Tools and supported both World War I and World War II efforts. For these reasons, we’re pursuing a listing on the National Historical Registry as we restore and upgrade its historical features.

One of those features is the flag pole that rises above the building and previously hung the Ordnance flag proudly. In 1944, Rocklin Manufacturing was one of just 17 firms selected to take on a "special ordnance assignment" out of 2,200 applicants, and one of just 13 that received the Ordnance banner in recognition of its distinguished and meritorious production record. This work included tank escape hatches and tank running gear and "bogeys,” the suspension wheel sets that supported tank or vehicle treads between the end drive wheels.

Below you can learn more about this rare flag that is an important part of our company’s history. As we approach our move-in to the “new” building in its 105th year, we’ll share more historical features and in-process construction photos. We’re excited to move into an improved space that will hearken back to our roots while at the same time further modernizing our company.

Presentation of the Ordnance Flag to I.J. Rocklin, June 16, 1944 Presentation of the Ordnance Flag to I.J. Rocklin, June 16, 1944

Sioux City Journal, June 1944 Sioux City Journal, June 1944

July 1944, rooftop flagpole with Ordnance Flag


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