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Posted by Ross Rocklin in Rocklin Mfg on 11/27/2018

What if there was a standalone marking unit that could be inserted into a production line without the need for an external control unit or air supply? And what if it came in a compact, lightweight unit plus a low price point? The all-new Integral turns these hypothetical questions into reality.

Ideal for integration in test facilities and a wide range of production environments, the Integral features:

  • Compact design and low weight of <7 lbs.
  • Big marking area of 65 x 30 mm
  • Communication with SPS optional via function block
  • Fast function check via 6 status LEDs on the marking head
  • Solid mechanics with high quality, double guided linear guides in x- and y-direction
  • Data-Matrix-Code marking (optional)
  • Marks any material from plastics to heavy steel in any position
  • Extremely precise and warp-free marking result

If you’ve ever considered integrating marking into your production line, Contact Us to discuss how the Integral and our full line of integration units can help improve your efficiency and quality control.


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