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Posted by Ross Rocklin in Rocklin Mfg on 11/9/2018

We recently completed an extensive renovation of our 1912 headquarters, turning it into a state-of-the-art facility that holds both local and national historical significance. This two-story brick building was the original birthplace of Sioux Tools and also has the truly unique claim of supporting both world wars within its walls.

Rocklin Manufacturing 1916-20

After IJ Rocklin founded Rocklin Manufacturing in 1934 during the height of The Depression, the company had some early successes manufacturing a variety of equipment focused on efficiency and safety on the farm. Just a few years later in 1942, IJ moved the company to the brick building, where 250 employees worked around-the-clock here to support the war, including manufacturing escape tank hatches, running gear and shock absorbers. The company was awarded the prestigious Ordnance Flag, which just 13 out of 2,200 applicants received in honor of its outstanding wartime production.

Two hastily completed building additions were appended to the original building to keep up with wartime demand. Post-war, the company evolved through a wide range of products from tractor blades to lawnmowers to saws and many, many more. Our support of the nation’s defense also continued after the war, including spring and shock mounts that played a key role in missile defense systems.

Rocklin Manufacturing Before Restoration

Eventually, after IJ Rocklin invented the Rocklinizer in the mid-1960s, the focus shifted to one of two building additions and the original brick building began to lose its utility. It sat largely dormant and neglected for nearly 50 years, until now.

Rocklin Manufacturing After Restoration

As we recently added new products and partnerships, we began to outgrow our main footprint in what was the westernmost building addition. It became clear we needed more and better space, and we were fortunate that the solution was right in our own backyard. We’re thrilled to be moving back into what was our 1942 home and turning it into a state-of-the-art facility that’s right-sized for our needs.

Rocklin Manufacturing After Restoration

You can see a two-minute video on our homepage highlighting the incredible transformation of this building and what we do as a company. A recent feature in MetalForming Magazine profiles the renovation effort as well.


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