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Posted by Ross Rocklin in Rocklin Mfg on 4/11/2019

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The Rocklinizer electronically applies electrode material by a spark deposition process. Material is impregnated both underneath and on top of the workpiece surface metals, tools and dies. Because no appreciable heat is generated, the temper of the workpiece is retained. Rocklinizer is applied to new or reground and re-sharpened surface.

The end result of this surface treatment is to increase productivity and reduce costs. When tools and dies remain in operation without replacement due to wear, there will be less: machine downtime, operator idle time, set-up, inspection time, and the expense of new or re-sharpened tools and dies. These savings justify the purchase of the Rocklinizer.

Improving wear and thermal fatigue of die casting dies

The patented ROCKLINIZER process has been successfully used for many years to improve die casting technology, especially for aluminium, magnesium and zinc. The ROCKLINIZING technique protects wear areas of dies with tungsten carbide / titanium carbide electrode material.

The ROCKLINIZER electronically applies wear resistant materials to cutting tools, punches, dies, and other metal surfaces. High speed steel tools are treated with the tungsten carbide electrode to prolong useful life and increase production. Solid carbide tooling is given a sealant coating with the titanium carbide electrode. The “Rockhard” or build-up electrode is used to restore undersized dimensions, to obtain a better gripping surface, and for maintenance. Deposit capabilities range from .0001” (.0025 mm) to approximately .007” (0.178 mm) in a single application controllable within .0001” (.0025 mm) by machine dial setting.

Specific advantageous applications for die casting include:

Heat check (thermal fatigue which results from the stresses created by alternative heating and cooling of the die surface during the casting process) Rocklinizing reduces the tendency for heat checking to occur on a new die by treating all dies with tungsten carbide / titanium carbide on a preventive maintenance basis.

Also, dies can have extended overall life as well as longer runs without maintenance if Rocklinizing is applied before heat checking exceeds the limit of acceptable quality standards. Runners, Overflows, and Vents - The vents on a die stay much cleaner when they have received a carbide coating. Minor cracks in the die can be Rocklinized as long as they haven’t gotten too wide.

Galling and Seizing of Cores - The thermal expansion of aluminium, magnesium and zinc die cast metals is much greater than that of the steel core. The metal shrinks onto the cores, thus resulting in extreme pressure at the core section. When applying Rocklinizing to the cores, it will appear that the core is too rough for releasing the casting. However, this roughness is so shallow that the core actually makes the casting smoother as the aluminium, magnesium or zinc will not adhere to the core as it does to a core that has been stoned to a high polish. The cores with the carbided surface make the lubricant or die releasing agent adhere better to the steel thereby providing a nice finish on the cast parts.

Fits on Slides - Carbide has been successfully applied to rework areas of fits on slides and has reduced galling.

Soldering of the aluminium, magnesium or zinc casting material to the die surface is also a cause for rejection of many castings. Treatment with carbide prior to a production run has eliminated soldering at gates, vents, parting lines, and the die cavity where molten metal has a tendency to solder to the cavity. Ejector Pin Flash can be eliminated if the die is in fair condition before treatment. Less Lubrication is needed resulting in a much better finish on the die casting. These are some of the successful uses of the Rocklinizer (Carbide Metal Impregnator) especially in the die casting industry. There are hundreds of die casters throughout the world who regularly use the Rocklinizer equipment for both preventive and regular die maintenance.

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