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Posted by Ross Rocklin in Rocklin Mfg on 8/1/2019

Heavy parts. Large facilities. Hard to reach areas. Whatever the reason, you need traceability in your operation, and a semi-portable solution with a cord or cable is only going to hold you back.

While handheld, corded dot peen markers may work in some situations, why restrict yourself now and in the future by tethering to air or power sources? Lithium ion battery technology accompanied by quality software and mechanics can drive significant marking depth and speed without compromising on portability.

The FlyMarker® has been doing exactly that for almost 15 years and 5 generations of battery-powered marking units. The powerful lithium ion batteries charge quickly and deliver continuous marking in a durable, yet flexible package. Meanwhile, the all-in-one package enables simple programming directly on the unit itself, with numerous options including logos, data matrix codes, multiple marking, and even fully integrated barcode scanners. And, if you want a stationary option for marking certain parts, the FlyMarker® converts easily into a tabletop unit with its optional column frame, offering the best of both worlds.

Oil and gas, steel fabrication, aerospace, automotive, agriculture – each of these industries presents its own challenges. A flexible, yet fully portable solution is essential, and the FlyMarker® offers just that.

Alternatively, if you need laser marking instead of dot peen but would still like portability to mark large parts, we offer the most flexible fiber laser marking unit, the LaserEvo portable solution. Switch from a tabletop to a portable option with ease, as you can see in this short video:

For a free on-site demo or a sample, please contact us today. We look forward to demonstrating the value in portable marking, whether you’re needing a dot peen or a laser solution.


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