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Posted by Ross Rocklin in Rocklin Mfg on 3/10/2020 at 11:00 AM

As the stock market swings wildly, we all face similar uncertainties and concerns. How long will this last? What’s coming next? How can we prepare?

We developed the Rocklinizer and MoldMender technologies for these exact moments. Why? The last thing you want to do now is invest in costly capital expenditures like a new die or mold. The questions you might be asking instead are, “How do I maximize the lifetime of our existing equipment?” or “How do I minimize costly downtime and increase efficiency?” It’s in such challenging times when our products really shine.

The MoldMender is a low-cost, quality solution to repair molds and dies in-house. It's engineered to quickly solve small repairs, such as a scratch or dent or a parting line flashing. Consider the alternatives:

  1. What is the cost of sending molds and dies out for repair, both in terms of downtime and repair costs?
  2. How much does a new mold or die cost?
  3. What about expensive alternatives such as a laser welder?

Recently, our distributors in Mexico had a customer shipping an expensive mold to Europe for repair. A couple weeks and over $20,000 later, the repaired mold arrived back in their facility. After they had finished this painful process, the customer tested the MoldMender, rapidly completed their repairs directly in the press, and eliminated costly downtime and an expensive repair process for a fraction of the cost. Moreover, this is an easily repeatable solution. These time and cost savings become more and more important in a challenging economic environment.

The Rocklinizer applies a wear-resistant coating to extend the life of metal tools and dies, often achieving 3-5 times longer life while also minimizing downtime, spare parts, and requisite inventory levels. Moreover, the coating can be reapplied, enabling Rocklinizer users to continue extending the life of their machinery.

To translate these savings to a variety of situations, we pulled user experiences into a Savings Calculator. Potential users can now see how much savings the Rocklinizer can deliver in just three years vs. their existing process. Give the Rocklinizer Savings Calculator a try with your specific inputs.

Our company motto is Giving Manufacturers An Edge Since 1934. In these uncertain times, this edge becomes more and more paramount. Whether it’s helping solve your biggest challenges, a free sample, or an on-site demo by one of our qualified sales representatives, let us know how we can help.


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