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Posted by Ross Rocklin in Rocklin Mfg on 7/29/2020

There are a number of reasons you might be in the market for a dot peen marking unit. You could need better tracking of your inventory, a customer might be requiring it, or you may want to improve the appearance of your parts. Whatever the reason, you have a problem to solve, and we want to help you solve it.

Here are 10 important considerations before pulling the trigger (literally) on a new dot peen marking unit:

  1. How deep do you need to mark? Does the unit have adjustable force settings for marking different material types?
  2. How fast are you looking to mark? What is the cycle time to mark your content?
  3. What content will you be marking? Can the unit accommodate serialization, logos, data matrix codes, etc.? How large do you need the marking window to be?
  4. Do you need to mark on round or uneven parts? How does the unit account for variability in surface heights?
  5. How much portability do you need? Do you want a battery-operated, corded unit, or tabletop unit? If you want a hybrid solution, is there a column frame option for converting between a portable and tabletop unit?
  6. What is the weight? Is a handheld unit lightweight to support carrying throughout your facility and continuously marking?
  7. Is the software embedded on the unit or do you need to connect to another device? Is it user friendly?
  8. Are you looking to scan and mark a barcode of 2D data matrix code? If so, how is the scanner connected to or integrated into the unit?
  9. Can a sales rep demo at your facility? How durable is the unit, and how quickly will it be repaired if you run into an issue?
  10. Lastly, what is the investment, and what is your return on that investment? How much time and efficiency will be gained vs. your current process?

There are clearly other items to consider, but this covers what we've found to often be the biggest priorities. We’re available to help you think through your marking process and find the right solution if you'd like to get in touch.


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