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Posted by Ross Rocklin in Rocklin Mfg on 9/22/2020

The handheld FlyMarker® mini 85/45 plus marking system is the newest model of the FlyMarker® family. This 100% portable, battery-operated dot peen marker builds on the strengths of previous models with its large marking area and deep marking power at a highly attractive price-performance ratio.

The unit boasts a large marking area of 85 x 45 mm accompanied by a light weight (<7 lbs.). It can be optionally equipped with an extra strong magnet that enables deep markings that remain visible after various metal treatments.

The marking force can be adjusted directly on the unit to accommodate materials ranging from plastics to aluminum to hardened steel (up to 63 HRC). In addition to marking characters and numbers, options include company logos, test symbols, or Data Matrix Codes. And, due to its automatic height compensation feature up to 5 mm in variability, the user is guaranteed a constant marking result on uneven surfaces.

Marking files can be typed in easily through the dirt-resistant keyboard on the unit, with internal memory storage for several hundred marking files. Alternatively, files can be transferred via the embedded USB interfaces.

Helpful commands such as time, date, or serialization are also programmable. The high-resolution LC color display includes a preview of the marking file before marking to eliminate mistakes as well.

The high-quality linear guides moving in x- and y-directions ensure constant marking depth throughout the marking area. Moreover, the housing is made of fiberglass reinforced, break-resistant plastic to ensure durability.

Each FlyMarker® comes with two long-lasting lithium ion batteries which enable full mobility and constant marking without interruption. Tripping hazards due to power cords or cables for compressed air supply are eliminated along with accidents due to more manual marking processes.

Several optional accessories are available, including a column frame for rapid conversion to a tabletop unit, an integrated barcode scanner directly on the unit, or threaded holes on the positioning plate to mount customized equipment.

For more information, a sample, or an on-site demonstration, please contact us.


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