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Posted by Ross Rocklin in Rocklin Mfg on 1/3/2021

Handheld dot peen marking solutions typically have limitations on portability...

You either need proximity to an air source or use of an electrical outlet. This might be fine if you want a tabletop, stationary marking station and you’re marking on smaller parts in one area of your facility.

But what if there are heavy parts scattered throughout your plant? What if you’re in an oil & gas facility and need to mark pipe spanning several football fields? What if you’re on a construction site and need to mark large beams of steel? Or what if you simply don’t like the hassle of dragging cords or cables around all day?

The advent of powerful lithium ion batteries coupled with advanced marking technology has driven these troubles away. Spanning 15 years of product evolutions, the FlyMarker® has perfected the use of lithium ion battery technology to produce deep and durable marks in your choice of units that weigh just 5 to 7 lbs.

Each FlyMarker® comes with two long-lasting lithium ion batteries enabling around-the-clock marking. Variable force settings mark any material – from plastic to aluminum to various metals including steel up to 63 Rockwell C. And with storage capacity for hundreds of files on the marking unit itself or transferrable from a PC by USB, the result is a lightweight, all-in-one marking unit that can essentially fit on a tool belt.

Check out the battery-operated FlyMarker in action with no annoying cords or cables in sight and see if it’s time for you to cut the cord...


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