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Posted by Ross Rocklin in Rocklin Mfg on 10/22/2021

Every marking need is a little different, but over the years we’ve seen a lot of similar situations. Whether it’s steel marking, aluminum marking, plastic marking, deep marking, galvanized marking, sandblasted marking, portable marking, tabletop marking…we’ll stop before this becomes a Bubba impression from Forrest Gump. But rest assured we have the right marking solution for each of these and countless other scenarios.

Without further ado, here are 10 part marking scenarios and our recommended models for each one.

Portable steel marking of part or job numbers

FlyMarker mini marking

The FlyMarker mini battery-operated dot peen marking unit. Choose from three different marking sizes, the 65/30, 85/45 plus, or 120/45 plus (note the numbers represent the x/y marking window range in mm), and various font sizes and types depending on the content being marked.

Serialized marking on aluminum or steel

FlyMarker mini engraving

The FlyMarker mini portable engraver once again. Select the serialization option and automatically mark in increments with each of the battery-operated marking units. Note you can adjust the force up or down depending on the material type, with suitable force levels ranging from plastic to 63 HRC steel.

Tag marking on steel or aluminum

The FlyMarker mini STATION marking

The FlyMarker mini STATION Tabletop Dot Peen Marking Unit. The STATION is the right solution for marking tags quickly and cost effectively in a compact, tabletop unit.

Mix of tag marking and portable engraving on metal

The FlyMarker mini with column frame

The FlyMarker mini with column frame. This optional accessory allows the portable FlyMarker mini to transition back and forth between a tabletop and a 100% portable unit.

Sandblasted, galvanized, powder coated, and painted marking

The MV5 M80 - Galvanized

The MV5 M80 Handheld Pneumatic Dot Peen Marking Unit. The MV5 M80 is the air-powered, deep marking solution made to withstand various metal treatments.

Vector, image, and logo marking

Stainless steel raster

The MobiLase Portable Fiber Laser Marking Unit or the LaserEvo Tabletop Fiber Laser Marking Unit. Both units mark logos, images, and intricate designs on a variety of materials. Your choice here depends on whether a portable or stationary marking setup is desired.

Food service and aerospace metal marking

Stainless steel texture effect

The MobiLase or LaserEvo again. For food service, indentations in metal may be restricted since bacteria can form in the impressions. For aerospace, indentations may also be restricted. A surface laser mark from a fiber laser engraver is often the right solution for both industries.

Anodized aluminum marking

Rocklinizer 950-400

The MobiLase or LaserEvo once again. There’s perhaps no better-looking mark than the white on black anodized aluminum appearance from a fiber laser, which we feature on our Rocklinizer 950-400 applicator. And it’s extremely fast too!

Production line integration marking

Integral VU-Series & U-Series Integration Units

The Markator Integral, VU-Series, or U-Series Integration Units. This one depends a lot on the specific requirements, whether it’s VIN marking, data matrix code marking, scribe marking, dot peen marking, small footprint, specific communication protocols…in short, we will tailor an integrated marking solution for each requirement.

Marking on round pipes or valves

FlyMarker mini round sample

The FlyMarker mini. Each FlyMarker portable dot peen marker features automatic height adjustment up to 5 mm. So whether it’s marking around the axis or radius, from a metal service center to an oil field, the FlyMarker is going to deliver consistent dot peen marks on round and uneven surfaces by simply pulling the trigger.

These 10 scenarios only cover a fraction of the possible marking and engraving applications, and there’s a good chance we missed yours. Check out our video library for more marking application videos or take a look at all of our marking products. Then, get in touch and we’ll help select the right marking solution for you!


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