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Posted by Ross Rocklin in Rocklin Mfg on 4/7/2021
MobiLase Portable Laser Marker

The MobiLase is an all-in-one fiber laser marking unit housed in a 45-lb. rolling suitcase. While this unique portability is a truly innovative solution to bring laser marking anywhere, the MobiLase’s incredible ease of use is a feature that is no less important. We’ll show you just how easy it is in just 12 minutes.

Optional MobiLase Laser Marking Stand

The MobiLase’s highly intuitive software is accessed via a PC embedded in the case that comes preloaded with several “pens” optimally set for various material types. So, if you’re laser marking on steel or aluminum or plastic or other materials, simply select the right pen for your application, insert the content you want to mark (from text to logos to serial numbers to barcodes and more), hold the handheld applicator, and mark.

You can also use the optional laser stand for ease of laser engraving various part sizes and dimensions.

Optional MobiLase Laser Marking Stand

Now onto MobiLase 101 – the video tutorial so you can master the MobiLase software in a dozen minutes. Watch the video playlist and then get in touch with any questions or to line up your sample or demo!


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