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Posted by Ross Rocklin in Rocklin Mfg on 5/24/2021

In our last post, we showed you Sparks in 60 Seconds with the Rocklinizer Carbide Application Equipment. Now on to Marks in 60 Seconds where you’ll see marking applications featuring our portable dot peen marking and fiber laser marking solutions.


Watch the FlyMarker® mini Battery-Operated Dot Peen Marking Unit meet a customer’s requirements with two optional accessories, the integrated barcode scanner and the magnetic holding plate.

Wondering what’s inside the FlyMarker mini box? See everything that comes inside the hard carrying case with each unit.

2D Data Matrix Codes are an excellent way to encode a lot of information in a small area. Find out more including a short demo in this clip.

We offer three FlyMarker mini battery-operated dot peen marking unit models. Learn about each of them and their key differences to help you select the right model for your marking applications…


See three unique options for marking with the LaserEvo Tabletop Fiber Laser Marking Unit: 3D marking, a multi-axis gantry system, and 1D and 2D coding.


Watch the MobiLase Portable Fiber Laser Marker meet a customer’s requirements. As a food service company, they needed a 6-digit surface mark that wouldn’t cause indentations in the stainless steel surface where bacteria could form. They also required portability for use throughout their facility. The 45-lb. MobiLase housed in a rolling suitcase checked all of these boxes…

Markator MV5 M80

Check out the Markator MV5 M80 Handheld, Pneumatic Marking Unit creating extremely deep dot peen marks. At the end of the video, you’ll see samples that hold up well to galvanizing, sandblasting, and other steel treatments.

Which solution is right for you: portable dot peen marking, tabletop fiber laser marking, portable fiber laser marking, or pneumatic-powered deep marking? Get in touch to discuss your application needs and request your demo!

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