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Posted by Ross Rocklin in Rocklin Mfg on 7/15/2021
MobiLase Laser Marker Battery Logo

Building on the revolutionary, all-in-one MobiLase Fiber Laser Marking Unit in a 45-lb. suitcase, we’re excited to introduce another first in laser marking portability: a battery-operated, industrial fiber laser marking unit. The 100% portable MobiLase Battery weighs just 25 lbs. and brings laser marking to wherever you need a fast and clear mark.

MobiLase Portable Laser Marker Battery

The user-friendly software on the embedded touchscreen is simple to program for marking in mere seconds. Whether you’re laser marking numbers, letters, barcodes, QR codes, logos, or images, the versatile MobiLase Battery isn’t held back by electrical outlets or other size limitations. With its powerful 30-watt fiber laser source, the MobiLase Battery rapidly marks on nearly any material size and type, from steel to aluminum to plastic to copper and more.

MobiLase Industrial Fiber Laser Marker Battery

The 3-lb. handheld applicator boasts a large 100x100mm marking window, and its sleek design ensures a fixed marking distance for consistent, optimal results. The powerful battery delivers about 3.5 hours of marking time and recharges in about the same amount of time. The unit can also operate while plugged in for continuous use.

The laser source boasts up to a 100,000-hour marking lifetime with no maintenance required. It’s all backed by a 15-month warranty and full support out of Sioux City, Iowa.

We’re launching the MobiLase Battery at a special introductory price of $9900. To request your quote, sample, or to learn more about our MobiLase portable fiber laser marking units, visit the link below.

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