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Posted by Ross Rocklin in Rocklin Mfg on 8/17/2021

After a very long wait, we’re excited to be back in person for FABTECH Chicago Sept. 13-16. What will you see at Booth A3503? Several portable solutions to help you conquer inefficiency, from marking to coating to micro welding…

The Rocklinizer Carbide Application Equipment deposits precise amounts of extremely hard and wear resistant material onto metals, tools, and dies to minimize wear, optimize grip, and extend machine life. Add from .0001” to .010” to achieve extreme hardness ranging from 60-80 HRC, all precisely controllable within .0001".

The FlyMarker mini Battery-Operated Marking Units rapidly produce deep and durable dot peen marks on nearly any material. Starting at $5490 and weighing just 5-7 lbs., you'll mark where you want without annoying cords getting in the way. With variable force settings and automatic height adjustment for round parts, you can mark on nearly any surface with ease.

The MoldMender Micro Welder repairs molds and dies. Through a simple process of welding the same material onto the affected area, imperfections are quickly solved in-house to minimize downtime and mold repair costs. With its low heat process that avoids splatter on adjacent areas, it's the ideal solution for repairing small scratches, dents, and other mold imperfections.

The MobiLase Portable Fiber Laser Marking Unit is a first-of-its-kind laser engraver. Mark anywhere with this all-in-one, 30W unit housed in a 45-lb. rolling suitcase. The plug-and-play solution marks on nearly any material and boasts a 100x100 mm marking window. With rapid setup and simple software on a touchscreen inside the case, you'll be laser marking in minutes for $9900.


Ready to discuss your application or line up your demo? Contact Us or stop by our FABTECH Booth A3503.

If you can’t make it in person, check out our virtual booth for brief info and 15-second videos on each portable solution.

Rocklin Manufacturing Virtual Trade Show

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