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Posted by Ross Rocklin in Rocklin Mfg on 8/5/2021

The new Rocklinizer® micro delivers first-of-its-kind portability to hard surfacing. The 10-lb., battery-operated electrospark deposition (ESD) solution let's you conquer inefficiency, whether it’s costly downtime, excess wear, or poor grip that’s holding you back. Simply adjust the LED power dial and trigger the handheld applicator to achieve precisely controlled and extremely hard deposits of titanium carbide, tungsten carbide, or Rockhard material ranging from .0001” to .003” on any steel surface. It's that easy.

Will the Rocklinizer micro boost your productivity and cut your costs? 

1. Learn more in the following feature articles.

2. See the Rocklinizer micro in action in the 90-second clip below.

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