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Posted by Ross Rocklin in Rocklin Mfg on 11/7/2022

The following is a reprint from MoldMaking Technology. The article can be found here.

The Rocklin Manufacturing MoldMender Micro Welder delivers simple and cost-effective mold and die repair in-house through a low heat, non-arcing welding process. Instead of sending molds out for repair or scrapping them prematurely, the MoldMender solves scratches, imperfections, pin holes, parting lines flashing and other mold and die imperfections with no welding experience necessary.

Mold and die repairs are accomplished by producing interlinking spot welds to totally bond the repair material to the desired area of the workpiece. A simple process of rolling the electrode permanently bonds the welding material to the workpiece, resulting in a consistent, quality weld with minimal heat. Further, minimizing the heat on the repair area makes it possible to weld without shrink lines, distortion or splatter on adjacent areas, which can commonly occur with other welding processes.

The ribbon, wire, paste, or powder repair material used is normally the same material as the workpiece, producing a fully hardened repair ready for finishing. Since the amount and location of the repair material can be precisely controlled by machine setting, the minimal finishing that is required can easily be performed with any standard methods such as EDM’ing, grinding, machining, plating, polishing, etc.

There is no need for gas or a welding helmet, and the fully portable MoldMender can be carried directly to the press for immediate repairs.

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