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Posted by Ross Rocklin in Rocklin Mfg on 12/5/2022

Building on the revolutionary, all-in-one MobiLase® Fiber Laser Marking Unit in a 45-lb. suitcase, we’re excited to introduce another first in fiber laser marking portability: a battery-powered fiber laser marking unit.

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MobiLase® Battery is a battery-powered version of our all-in-one, portable fiber laser marking unit housed in a 45-lb. rolling suitcase. While laser marking units are typically large, heavy, stationary machines, the lightweight MobiLase® Battery opens up a world of possibilities for industrial-strength laser marking to be completed anywhere. Instead of lugging parts to a laser marking station, laser marking can now be brought directly to the parts, wherever they may be. This innovation eliminates costly downtime and investments in elaborate contraptions to position large parts for marking.

Featuring a powerful, 30-watt fiber laser and a large, 100 x 100 mm marking window, MobiLase® Battery delivers fast and durable laser markings on nearly any material ranging from plastics to steel to precious metals, among many others. The 7-lb. handheld applicator is equipped with a trigger to start marking plus two bracket options for ease of marking various part shapes. These brackets also enable rapid focusing from a consistent, repeatable distance, which is further optimized by the laser pointer simulator. An optional laser stand offers rapid conversion from portable to tabletop marking when desired.

User-friendly software on the touchscreen PC embedded in the suitcase empowers a wide range of easily programmable and potentially intricate markings, including numbers, letters, characters, time & date, barcodes, 2D codes, QR codes, images, symbols, and more.

The powerful lithium-ion battery ensures prolonged use and a rapid recharge, and the laser source features up to a 100,000-hour marking lifetime. MobiLase® Battery is fully supported at our factory in Sioux City, Iowa.

We’re launching the MobiLase® Battery at a special introductory price of $11,400. To request your quote, sample, or to learn more about our MobiLase® portable fiber laser marking units, visit the link below.

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