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Posted by Ross Rocklin in Rocklin Mfg on 4/29/2022

We’re excited to introduce two new LaserEvo Tabletop Laser Marking Units, both designed to make your life easier when laser marking at a low price point – the Mini Laser and the Easy Evo. So, what makes them so special?

Mini Laser Compact Fiber Laser Marker

Mini Laser

The Mini laser line comes from an idea both simple and innovative: condense into a lightweight bench laser marker the most advanced features of a new generation fiber laser.

These systems not only offer all the advantages of active fiber laser sources – maximum reliability, no maintenance, exceptional marking results – but are also equipped with state-of-the-art solutions, such as motorized Z axis.

To ensure maximum convenience of use in the smallest space possible, the Mini Laser has a very versatile enclosure: the front and side doors can be removed easily. In this way, even large bulky pieces can be marked.

 LaserEvo Mini Laser - Compact Motorized Z-Axis Brochure

Easy Evo 3D Laser Marker

Mini Laser

The Easy Evo condenses the most advanced solutions for laser marking into a desktop solution. Thanks to a dynamic focusing system, you can create a 3D laser mark with ease.

The Easy Evo marking system marks on round surfaces, both standard geometric shapes (spheres, cones, cylinders, etc.) and even complex and irregular ones. It also has an integrated scanner which quickly creates a 3D model of the object to engrave.

Compared to a traditional manual focusing system, auto-focus guarantees maximum precision and substantial time savings. After loading the workpiece into the machine, just push a button to find the perfect focus point. It’s that “Easy.”

 LaserEvo Easy Evo - 3D Laser Marking Unit Brochure

What’s The Right Desktop Fiber Laser Marker for You?

Get in touch to discuss your application, request your free sample, and we’ll help you select the right one!


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