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Posted by Ross Rocklin in Rocklin Mfg on 6/10/2022

If you’re after a deep mark, we have a few good options to choose from, including the heavy-duty solenoid option for deeper marks using the FlyMarker® mini battery-operated dot peen marking units and the extremely deep marks of the pneumatic-powered, deep marking MV5 M80 dot peen marking unit. You can see a “Marks in 60 Seconds” clip of the handheld MV5 M80’s deep marking capabilities, which are ideally suited for galvanizing, powder coating, and sandblasting, here:

Another option if you want to maintain full battery-operated portability with the FlyMarker® mini is the Continuous Line Font option. This software option creates a scribe-like appearance while still applying dot peen technology, all in a 100% portable solution. Watch this “Marks in 60 Seconds” clip to see how the Continuous Line Font is achieved with all of the FlyMarker® mini models:

So if you need a deep mark or a scribe-like appearance, get in touch for your sample or demo. The easiest way to see what works best is to try these options out and choose the result that’s best for your marking needs.


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