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Posted by Ross Rocklin in Rocklin Mfg on 6/24/2022

Catalytic converter thefts are skyrocketing, with over 52K in the U.S. last year alone. While the catalytic converter thief reaps the benefits of the heightened value of precious metals, you’re stuck with a bill that can reach $3K for each converter. And, if you’re an auto dealer or auto repair shop or own a fleet of vehicles, do the math and these costs grow exponentially. So how can you protect yourself?

One easy and cost-effective way is by marking your catalytic converters. A quick mark of the vehicle’s VIN number will make a thief second guess stealing your catalytic converter since a permanent mark makes it easier for the police to track it down.

The FlyMarker® mini dot peen marker is the ideal tool for marking catalytic converters. With full battery-operated portability, you can mark just about anywhere and from any angle, fast. Simple enter the vehicle's VIN number or other identifying feature, adjust the font height and force to your desired settings, and complete the mark in mere seconds…

Once you have a FlyMarker® mini, you’re sure to find many other uses for marking your parts and equipment on the go. Get in touch for your free sample or demo to try it out for yourself.


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