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Posted by Ross Rocklin in Rocklin Mfg on 12/18/2023

As we approach our 90th(!) year in business in 2024, we wanted to take a step back and briefly reflect on an eventful 89th. Here’s a quick summary…

We started the year with a focus on catalytic converter marking. As more states and municipalities institute marking requirements to fight catalytic converter theft, the FlyMarker® mini portable dot peen marker has proven to be a fast and economical solution for catalytic converter engraving and theft prevention. At the same time, the FlyMarker® mini continues to be the portable dot peen marking unit of choice across a wide range of industries and applications.

We improved the performance of the Rocklinizer® Carbide Application Equipment, and outlined how our proprietary Electrospark Deposition (ESD) process delivers reduced wear, increased life, and optimal grip spanning a variety of applications, from die casting wear to tube bending grip to slug pullback prevention in punching and stamping, and many more.

The MoldMender Micro Welder was featured in MoldMaking Technology for the value of our low heat, resistance welding process in mold and die repair. The benefits are numerous, including precision, time and cost savings, and ease of use.

As the market for the MobiLase® portable fiber laser marking unit continued to grow, we added a new product to the MobiLase® family, the MobiLase® Laser Cleaner. This portable-yet-powerful fiber laser cleans rust, paint, oil, grease, dirt and more by cleaning the material or coating while not disrupting the part itself. For more info, check out our feature articles in MoldMaking Technology, New Equipment Digest, Industrial Machinery Digest, and Fabricating & Metalworking.

We participated at multiple trade shows, including OTC Houston and FABTECH Chicago. We also supported our sales representatives at Houstex and the Wichita Industrial Trade Show.

We were honored to receive the “Treasure of Sioux City Award” for the renovation of our certified historic, 111-year-old building that has the unique distinction of supporting both world wars within its walls. And in October, we received the “Outstanding Exporter Award” from the 2023 Mid-America Trade Summit and presented our exporting experiences during the two-day event.

Rocklin Manufacturing Food Bank Volunteer Photo 2023
Rocklin Manufacturing Holiday Lunch 2023

We closed the year celebrating 10 years of our successful partnership with Markator, who manufactures the FlyMarker® mini and other dot peen and scribe marking equipment. We have a lot to celebrate next year too, as we commemorate 90 years since I.J. Rocklin started Rocklin Manufacturing during the height of The Depression. While a lot has changed over the decades, our mission remains steadfast – to deliver unique, portable solutions so manufacturers can unlock productivity gains and cost savings they never knew were possible. We’re excited to deliver that value for our customers in year 90 – and far beyond…


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