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Posted by Ross Rocklin in Rocklin Mfg on 4/25/2023
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The oil and gas industry requires strict quality control, traceability, and inventory tracking to ensure the safe and efficient operation of essential energy infrastructure. One of the most important aspects of maintaining these standards is the ability to mark and identify products accurately and permanently, which is where portable dot peen and portable laser marking come into play.

Both marking processes are ideal for marking metal surfaces and are widely used in the oil and gas industry to mark pipes, valves, and other key infrastructure. In conjunction, full portability is an essential feature to mark throughout large facilities, in oil fields, and generally on the go. Other benefits of portable oil and gas marking include:

  1. Permanent marking: Create a permanent mark that is resistant to wear, abrasion, and harsh environmental conditions. This ensures that the mark remains legible and traceable throughout the lifespan of the product.
  2. High-speed marking: Mark at high speeds, a necessity for mass production environments to increase productivity and reduce downtime.
  3. Versatility: Mark on a wide range of materials, including metal, plastic, and aluminum, ensuring traceability up and down the supply chain.

The benefits of portable dot peen and portable laser marking for quality control, traceability, and inventory tracking in the oil and gas industry have been proven. These technologies ensure that products are accurately marked and easily traceable, enabling manufacturers and operators to maintain the highest standards of quality control and inventory management. In addition, marking pipes and valves is particularly important, as it allows for easy identification and tracking across a wide range of conditions.

At OTC Houston Booth 3810 from May 1-4, we will be demoing two portable marking solutions, the FlyMarker® mini Battery-Operated Dot Peen Marking Unit and the MobiLase® Portable Fiber Laser Marking Unit. Each is proven to mark part numbers, logos, 2D codes, and more just about anywhere you need a permanent mark. The FlyMarker® mini also has an added feature, automatic height adjustment up to 5 mm, that allows it to mark around pipes, valves, and other round or uneven surfaces, a common requirement in oil and gas marking demonstrated in this 15-second clip:

For more information or to try the FlyMarker® mini and MobiLase® out for yourself, visit us at OTC or get in touch for your on-site demo by one of our skilled sales representatives located throughout North America.


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