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Posted by Ross Rocklin in Rocklin Mfg on 2/20/2024 at 7:00 AM
Five FlyMarker Mini Portable

There are countless benefits of the FlyMarker® mini Portable Dot Peen Marking Unit, from its lightweight, battery-powered, cordless marking portability to its deep and durable dot peen marks on nearly any material from steel to aluminum to plastic to its speed of marking numbers, letters, logos, 2D data matrix codes, and more. We could go on and on, but it’s better to let the actual users do the talking…


Here are five recent user experiences:

“We have been enjoying the FlyMarker quite a bit. We use it currently to stamp the serial number into the truck assembly on subway cars. It has drastically reduced out time (difference of 45-60 minutes per cycle) and risk of operator error/injury. The entire process working with Rocklin was great, from initial contact to a sales visit to fast shipping, I am not sure it could get much better!” – Patrick Murray, Kawasaki Motors Rail Car Division

“We engrave part numbers into all our smaller parts in our CNC machines, and in the past all the larger parts that get machined on our manual boring mills had to be hand stamped. That is where the FlyMarker has come into play for us. It has allowed us to make everything look neat and universal, and cut down on the time it takes to mark a part.” – Jake Hershberger, Superior Tool & Die

“Once we turned the FlyMarker mini on we started seeing the benefits. We use it for inventory tracking and marking information per customer’s specifications. Its ease of use and durability is key to our efficiency and quality control program.” – Ron Taylor, Sabel Steel

“The FlyMarker has been great for us so far. We use it to label all of the products that leave our shop. We label everything with the job number and work order number and a brief description with any other pertinent information that is applicable or necessary for installation, like a sequence number or item number. This helps our finish department, shipping department, and ultimately our onsite installers be able to more accurately identify parts.” – Sean Currie, Dovetail Custom Wood & Metal

“So far so good with the Flymarker. We are using it to label our press plates. The plates are identified and data tracked for efficiency. Whenever we send out press plates for refurbishing, it helps easily identify when returning to our facility. The magnet attachment is a great addition.” – Kevin Dobson, Swiss Krono


And here’s a recent customer sample showing the FlyMarker® mini in action:

What could the FlyMarker® mini portable dot peen marking unit do for your traceability, quality control, and inventory tracking? Get in touch to line up your on-site demo and see for yourself!


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