TG Missouri Corporation
Perryville, MO

Having been in the stamping industry for many years, I recognize the value – and time savings – your products can produce. We have used the Rocklinizer to fit loose die buttons, for slug retention, and for oil breaks on form dies. The advantage of being small enough to be portable has proven itself several times. We were able to service dies while in the press, allowing minimal lost production time. I estimate the purchase price of the Rocklinizer was recovered in less than 6 months. Your products are a “must have” for any die shop. With today’s tight economy, time is one element we can be competitive with, and the Rocklinizer can be a great time saver. Thanks for being there with a quality product.

Paul Reichle
Tooling Engineer

United Tool & Mold, Inc.
Zeeland, MI

We purchased our MoldMender Micro Welding system over four years ago and it has proven itself one of the best investments we have ever made. Your machine has saved us thousands of dollars in labor and materials in what could have been costly repairs using traditional welding technologies, especially when repairing damaged or missed shutoffs or those dreaded EDM pits. The MoldMender is especially effective in repairing small areas where traditional tig welding would have destroyed neighboring edges and surfaces making the repair job larger and more time consuming than necessary.

Jan A. DeJonge