United Tool & Mold, Inc.
Zeeland, MI

We purchased our MoldMender Micro Welding system over four years ago and it has proven itself one of the best investments we have ever made. Your machine has saved us thousands of dollars in labor and materials in what could have been costly repairs using traditional welding technologies, especially when repairing damaged or missed shutoffs or those dreaded EDM pits. The MoldMender is especially effective in repairing small areas where traditional tig welding would have destroyed neighboring edges and surfaces making the repair job larger and more time consuming than necessary.

Jan A. DeJonge

Marco Manufacturing Co.
Akron, OH

Marco is a manufacturing facility with a tool & die shop and a production plant for high speed metal stampings. Now with the MoldMender Micro Welder, we are able to weld metallic ribbon onto the part and do a little regrinding and 90% of what used to be scrapped is now a usable part.  When trim punches are sharpened and shimmed to print, we now weld the shim onto the part. There is no possibility of the shim being lost or of the operator forgetting to install the shim when assembling the components. This machine has more than paid for itself, and I would strongly recommend it to anyone in the manufacturing industry.

Sam Smith
Production Manager

Mold Specialties, Inc.

Hershey, PA

We have used the MoldMender to repair molds many times since we purchased it. It has paid for itself many times over with a combination of saving shop time and materials as well as decreasing down time in the molding facility.  We build a number of prototype molds. With prototypes, there are usually part and mold design changes that need to be done quickly. The MoldMender gives us the ability to do the necessary changes very quickly, saving our company as well as our customers, time and money.

Donald Weikel

TMP Technologies, Inc.
Wyoming, NY

When I first heard about the MoldMender, I was very skeptical. How could something be this easy to use and still be effective? The very first time I used it, I was able to save hundreds of dollars making a repair. I have since made several more repairs with the same results. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

Kenneth McCarthy
Tooling Engineer

D.A. Inc.

Charlestown, NJ

We use the MoldMender on a weekly basis to repair scratches and parting line damage to our tooling. This machine has saved us time and money on light repair work. We can weld and work detail back in by hand with little or no machine downtime.

Brian Stidham
Tooling Specialist

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