Truly portable, battery-operated part marking

Portable Dot Peen Marking Has Never Been Easier





The lightest battery-operated unit on the market

Hand-held marking system FlyMarker® mini


100% Mobile Use – No Annoying Cables

A powerful battery enables 100% handheld mobility and self-sufficient use of the FlyMarker® anywhere on your business premises. The lightweight, compact and ergonomic design of the handheld marking system enables the marking of bulky, heavy, stationary and even inaccessible work pieces with great ease.

Durable, Tamper-Proof Marking

The custom developed integrated marking magnet for the new FlyMarker® enables very precise and deep marking. Depending on the material and customer requirements, the marking force can be adjusted manually. If for example a marking should be visible after a painting process, a deep marking is necessary.

Automatic Height Compensation

The automatic height compensation of the marking system enables work pieces with uneven surfaces to be marked in a constant marking quality and depth.

Mark Data Matrix Codes

Use the Data Matrix Code to mark a large amount of information on limited space. One can either type in the letters via the keyboard of the FlyMarker® or transfer the data via the USB interface of the marking system.

High Marking Quality Through to Robust & Durable Mechanics

The high quality linear guides in x- and y-direction are double guided and give the FlyMarker® robust, stable and durable mechanics. In connection with further quality components from MARKATOR®, very precise marking results for specific requirements are assured.

Self-Explanatory Software

The software of the FlyMarker® is clearly presented, well-structured and self-explanatory. Various helpful substitutes such as time, date and auto numbering are included in the standard scope of delivery. Via the preview function of the software it is also possible to visualize the created marking files on the integrated LC color display before the actual marking process.

Data Management

Several hundred marking files, fonts and logos can be saved and administered on the internal data storage of the FlyMarker®. The USB interfaces of the marking system allow a quick data backup of the marking files. Using the optional available PC software, it is possible to create the marking files directly on the PC and transfer them on the marking system afterwards.