Morgood Tools, Inc.
Rochester, NY

We had a differential that was taken undersize on one dimension. By applying the tungsten carbide on the problem area, we were able to regrind the dimension and make it within the desired tolerance. Also, the customer was very impressed with the application of the Rocklinizer and its ability to salvage undersized dimensions.

Another example of the worth of the Rocklinizer was when a number of parts were taken undersize on an inside diameter of a gear. The parts were only a few ten thousandths out of tolerance. By applying the tungsten carbide to the diameter we were able to use the parts and not scrap any of them. Just in those two scenarios Morgood Tools was able to save significant time and money.

From adding a better gripping surface to collets to building up undersize drill shanks, it has performed well. We have also used it to build up oversize conditions on the I.D. of bearings and fixtures.

The ability of the Rocklinizer to add as little as .0001” has been a very useful tool.

We would just like to thank your company for making a quality product with many different applications.

Robert Martin, Quality Inspector
John Gunn, Q.A. Manager


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