Mold & Die Repair Equipment repairs molds and dies
made of steel.

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Micro welding a mold or die is as simple as placing metallic ribbon, wire, paste, or powder over the area to be repaired. Then just roll the electrode over the area to permanently bond the welding material to the workpiece.

Mold and die repairs are accomplished by producing interlinking spot welds to totally bond the repair material to the desired area of the work piece. The repair material used is normally the same material as the work piece, producing a fully hardened repair ready for finishing. Since the amount and location of the repair material can be precisely controlled, the minimal finishing that is required can easily be performed with any of the standard methods such as EDM'ing, grinding, machining, plating, polishing, etc.

Metallic ribbon (thin strips of steel) or wire with the same composition as the work piece is welded continuously to the work piece a spot at a time. This micro welding allows a consistent quality weld with minimal heat. Minimizing the heat on the repair area makes it possible to weld without shrink lines, distortion, or discoloration which is commonly associated with other welding processes.

To repair areas along an edge or corner, bond the material along one face allowing the ribbon material to extend over the edge. Fold the material over the edge using the electrode while repeatedly triggering the machine. In this way, the ribbon material or wire can be molded to any contour like a piece of putty and bonded in place at the same time.

Small pin holes and D.C. arcs may be easily repaired using the metallic paste. Place a small quantity of paste in the pin hole, place the electrode so it is positioned in the pin hole, and trigger the machine. Next, slightly lift the electrode allowing more paste to fill the hole. Press down with the electrode and again trigger the machine. Repeat this process until the pin hole area is built up above the surrounding area, wipe the area clean, and then go back over the area treating the repaired area using the same procedure as described above for a piece of ribbon or wire material. This ensures a dense repair that will finish off exactly like the surrounding mold or die surface. 

Note: Metallic powder may be used for all applications described above using a magnetic electrode.