Mold & Die Repair Equipment repairs molds and dies
made of steel.

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The Rocklin MoldMender Micro Welder, using a non-arcing spot welding process, translates to three key advantages:

  • Universal hardness across the weld
  • No shrinking next to the weld or splatter on adjacent areas
  • Minimal finishing on repairs

Highlighted Features

  • Push Button Controls for exact machine settings
  • Six Low Power settings for delicate repairs
  • Eight High Power settings for faster and heavier repairs
  • Variable Micro Weld Speed control for various job demands
  • Automatic Indicator Lights for assistance in machine settings
  • Audio Micro Weld Indicator for ease of operation
  • Heavy Duty Rotary Hand Piece, Cables and Copper Ground Plate
  • 100% Solid State electronics for reliable operation
  • Employs a non-capacitive, resistance micro welding process for more dependable results
  • Made in USA and backed by prompt service

Other Advantages

  • Easy operation - quick steel mold and die repair
  • No micro welding experience necessary
  • Adjustable micro weld time for the most delicate jobs
  • No preheating or heat treating necessary
  • Rotary electrode holder for fast and convenient operation
  • Large selection of repair materials
  • Minimal finishing such as EDM'ing, grinding, machining, plating, polishing, etc.
  • No fluxes, chemicals, or shielding gasses for safety and ease of operation
  • Low voltage output for operator safety
  • Completely portable and lightweight