Mold & Die Repair Equipment repairs molds and dies
made of steel.



Mold and die repairs are made by bonding a piece of .008" thick ferrous ribbon material or .010" or .020" diameter wire or metallic paste / powder to the desired areas on a steel workpiece.

The ribbon material or wire usually is in the annealed state before microwelding, but will be in the hardened state after being bonded in place. The hardness of the microweld will vary of course, according to what material is used in the repair, which should have the same or similar properties as the workpiece. Stainless steel, nickel alloys, and mold steels, such as P-20, S-7, A-2, and 420 stainless are some of the more commonly repaired materials.

Rocklin Manufacturing Co. offers a full line of MoldMender Micro Welder parts & accessories. To place an order, fill out our online form or contact Rocklin Manufacturing Co. by phone or email.

Rocklin MoldMender Micro Welder Parts & Accessories:

912  MoldMender Micro Welder 110-120 volts
(220-240 volt models available)
9120  Foot Switch and Cable
9121  Power Cord
9123  Metal Scissors
9124  Electrode Holder and Cable
9127  Small Electrode (3/32") (Special lengths available upon request)
9128  Large Electrode (3/16") (Special lengths available upon request)
9129  Magnetic Ground and Cable
9131  Small Electrode (9/64") (Special lengths available upon request)
9130  Electrode Holder with Trigger and Cable (Hand Held)
R101  A-2 Ribbon 3/32" x .008"
R102  H-13 Ribbon 3/32" x .008"
R103  P-20 Ribbon 3/32" x .008"
R104  S-7 Ribbon 3/32" x .008"
R105  420 SS Ribbon 3/32" x .008"
R112  316 SS Ribbon 3/32" x .008"
R115  Nickel 200 Ribbon 3/32" x .010"
W101  A-2 Wire .020" dia
W102  H-13 Wire .020" dia
W103  P-20 Wire .020" dia
W104  S-7 Wire .020" dia
W105  420 SS Wire .020" dia
W106  Inconel Wire .020" dia
W107  M-2 Wire .020" dia
W108  0-1 Wire .020" dia
W109  W-2 Wire .020" dia
W110  17-4 PH Wire .020" dia
W111  312 SS Wire .020" dia
W112  316 SS Wire .020" dia
W113  510 SS Wire .020" dia
W115  Nickel 200 Wire .020" dia
W117  M-42 Wire .020" dia
MW101  A-2 Wire .010" dia
MW102  H-13 Wire .010" dia
MW103  P-20 Wire .010" dia
MW104  S-7 Wire .010" dia
MW105  420 SS Wire .010" dia
P102  H-13 Paste 3.5 oz
P103  P-20 Paste 3.5 oz
P104  S-7 Paste 3.5 oz
P105  420 SS Paste 3.5 oz
P112  316 SS Paste 3.5 oz
9127M  Small Magnetic Electrode (9/64") (use to weld powder)
9128M  Large Magnetic Electrode (3/16") (use to weld powder)
PW102  H-13 Powder 3.5 oz
PW103  P-20 Powder 3.5 oz
PW104  S-7 Powder 3.5 oz
PW105  420 SS Powder 3.5 oz