Rocklin Manufacturing offers the highest quality part marking equipment to a wide range of industries and customers. Our lineup includes portable and tabletop dot peen marking equipment, scribe markers, laser markers, integration units, stamping tools, and much more. Whether your need is for steel, metal or other material marking, engraving, pin marking, or stamping, it's likely we have the ideal solution for you.

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Dot Peen Marking

A dot peen marking is generated by a pneumatically or electropneumatically driven, oscillating carbide marking pin. The marking pin is moved in an x- and y-direction, striking the material by an up-and-down movement. Almost any material can be marked, from plastic to aluminum to steel. Our Markator dot peen offerings include: battery-operated FlyMarker® units, handheld MV5 M-Series deep marking units, FlyMarker mini STATION tabletop unit, and integration units, which include the U50/U80/U120 and the all-in-one U65/30 Integral.

Scribe Marking

A scribe marking diamond or carbide pin is pressed into the material and moved by two carriages in x- and y-directions. Almost any material can be marked. Our scribe markers are integration units, where we offer deep, durable, fast markings with incredibly low noise via our Markator VU2 and VU4 models.

Laser Marking

Laser marking offers precise markings without puncturing the surface, which is often required in industries such as medical, dental, food, and aerospace. It’s also ideal for more intricate markings, including logos, images, and barcodes. Our MobiLase and LaserEvo fiber laser marking units are used in a variety of industries, including automotive, cutting tools, pipes and valves, among many others.


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