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Introducing the portable, all-in-one fiber laser cleaner housed in a 60-lb. suitcase. With MobiLase® Laser Cleaner, you’ll rapidly remove rust, paint, oil, grease, dirt, and more. The powerful 100W laser cleans and treats molds, tools, and other surfaces with unrivaled precision wherever you need a clean surface.

Portable Fiber Laser Cleaning

  • Dry: No need for grinding, blasting, solvents, water, or chemicals used in less efficient cleaning processes
  • Portable: Bring the all-in-one suitcase where you need to clean
  • Precise: The short pulse duration and small output beam diameter delivers precise surface-level cleaning
  • Simple: Few settings to master either offline or remotely via wireless control
  • Secure: Laser glasses and gloves are included along with in-depth safety guidance plus optional fume extractors
  • Reliable: Thousands of hours of use with minimal maintenance backed by a one-year warranty and local support
  • Affordable: Low one-time cost

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Laser Source Fiber laser
Power Output 100W (200W also available)
Output Beam Diameter 4.0 +/- .05 mm
Lens cleaning area 100 x 100 mm (175 x 175 mm option)
Entire Unit Weight ~60 lbs.
Handheld Applicator Weight ~1.4 lbs.
Avg. Output Power >100W
Maximum Pulse Energy >1.5mJ
Central Wavelength 1064 nm
Cable Length 5 m
Pulse Frequency Range 1-4000 kHz
Pulse Width 2-500 ns
Output Power Instability <5%
Power Supply 110V (220V also available)
Cooling Method Air
Ambient Temperature Range ~0-40°C
Dimensions 617 x 469 x 291 mm
Anti-Reflection Protection Yes
Warranty 1 year

Wide array of materials and applications

Rust laser cleaning
Paint laser cleaning
Oil laser cleaning
Grease laser cleaning
Dirt laser cleaning
Molds laser cleaning
Tools laser cleaning
Steel tube laser cleaning
Copper alloy laser cleaning
Oil & gas laser cleaning
Corrosion laser cleaning
Stain laser cleaning
Resin laser cleaning
Many More!

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