The WS welding machines revolutionize welding without heating applied to the repair of tools by surfacing.








The WS welding machines revolutionize welding without heating applied to the repair of tools by surfacing. Through their unique medium frequency technology, they combine amazing ease of use with excellent quality of result and yield.

With a speed of 50 impulses per second, a very high maximum power, welding time of a few milliseconds, and an extremely accurate current control, they enable you to obtain an optimal quality of welding, very close to laser quality for both the look and resistance, even under extreme stress (impacts, slipping, pressure, thermal shock, erosion, etc.).

WS micro-welding solutions are the ideal solution, with high quality, speed, simplicity and long life, for surfacing tools:

  • Rubber Injection
  • Plastic Injection
  • Compression
  • Aluminum Smelting
  • Zamak Smelting
  • Extrusion
  • Cutting
  • Drawing


  • Very easy to use
  • No heating
  • No deformation, auroras, receeding material, etc.
  • Discretion of welds, even in visible areas
  • For all ferrous materials
  • Surface areas where access is difficult
  • Perfectly even and resistant welds
  • Very high accuracy
  • Hardness of the welds: 36 to 62 HRC
  • Easy and risk-free to user - no projections
  • No protection needed
  • No emission of arcs or smoke
  • Ideal for intervention on press (no emission pf high-frequency current)


Model 5100S 7000S 10000 10000S
Supply 1~220V / 50Hz / 60Hz
Type of Converter Medium frequency 5kHz
Maximum Welding Power (1) 7.3 kW 10 kW 14.4 kW
No Load Voltage U20 3.6 V
Type of Control Current Regulation
Maximum Welding Time 250 ms
Minimum Welding Time 1 ms
Current Accuracy 8 A
Cooling Generator Induced Air
Cable Cooling Induced Air
Dimensions Length 420mm x Width 240mm x Height 280mm
Weight 18 Kg 19 Kg
Programming 10 programmes integrating all the parameters separately
Adjustable Parameters - Welding Amperage in %
- Welding Time in MS
- Single Impulse / Multi Impulse Welding Cycle
- Form of Impulse (Powder /  Wire - Sheet)
Maximum Impulse Speed 16 25 50
Maximum Welding Capacity (3) 0.8 / 0.2 1 / 0.3 1.2 / 0.4
Accessories & Options - Rotating Welding Torch / Cooling dia. 70mm2
- Rotating Welding Torch / dia. 35mm2
- Cooled Welding Ground dia. 70mm2
- Mini Welding Torch dia. 16mm2 / Electrode Holder dia. 2 et 5mm