Applies Tungsten Carbide, Titanium Carbide and Rockhard electrode material to metals, tools and dies.

Rocklinizer Carbide Application / Electrospark Deposition Equipment
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The patented Rocklinizer applies Tungsten Carbide, Titanium Carbide and Rockhard Electrode Material to Metals, Tools and Dies to reduce wear, improve maintenance, and enhance gripping.

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Typical applications include:

Rocklinizing from A to Z


punches, dies, casting, collets, chucks, broaches, chasers, foam tools, knives, shears, saws, hobs, cutoffs, bearings, carbide inserts, drills, taps, end mills, reamers, milling, thread cutter, tool bits

Common Uses Of The Rocklinizer Include:

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  • Gripping: Provide a textured finish to enhance gripping on tube bending dies, clamps, collets, pusher pads, feed fingers, chuck jaws, and more
  • Punching, Stamping, Forging & Extruding: Stop slug pull back, reduce galling, extend time between sharpenings
  • Die Casting: Restore parting lines, prevent heat checking, soldering, seizing of cores, protect gates and runners
  • Solid Carbides & Inserts: Surface seal and prevent chipping
  • Plastics & Composites: Improve fabrication operations including molding, machining, trimming and protecting abrasive wear areas
  • Glass Processing: Molds, cut off tooling, glass handling equipment
  • Perishable Tools & Dies: Reduce wear on high speed steel and carbide tooling
  • Wood Industry: Saws, cutters, planer blades, and chipper knives
  • Maintenance: Restore tolerances on bearings, shafts, and other wear areas
  • Paper Products: Die cutting knives and shear blades