The Rocklinizer Carbide Application Equipment is the proven solution to the greatest wear problems facing die casters. Just “Rocklinize,” or apply a precisely controlled amount of tungsten carbide, to eliminate:

Heat Checking

Small cracks form a closed network, and become so large that the casting metal will flow into the steel surface below, often requiring resinking or remaking the die entirely. Rocklinize the areas most prone to heat checking


Soldering of the zinc or aluminum casting material to the die surface is a cause for rejection of many castings. Rocklinize prior to a production run to eliminate soldering at gates, vents, parting lines, and the die cavity where molten metal will often solder to the cavity.

Galling or Seizing of Cores

The thermal expansion of zinc and aluminum die cast metals is much greater than that of the steel core. The metal shrinks onto the cores, resulting in extreme pressure at the core section. Rocklinized cores make the lubricant or die releasing agent adhere better to the steel, providing a nice finish on cast parts.

Wear on Gates, Vents & Runners

These wear areas stay much cleaner when they’ve been Rocklinized.

Ejector Pin Flashing:

Rocklinize the ejector pin about one inch back from the face of the cavity.

What are the ultimate results of the portable Rocklinizer in die casting operations?

  • LESS Machine Downtime
  • LESS Operator Idle Time
  • LESS Die Removal and Reinsertion Time
  • LESS Die Maintenance
  • MORE Die life, Productivity, and Cost Savings