Solving Slug Pull with The Rocklinizer

Any punching and stamping operation knows all too well the damage, costs, and lost time that slug pull creates. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to make these headaches go away – and never come back.

What’s slug pull?

Slug pull occurs when slugs, or the scrap produced during the punching process, are pulled up from underneath the panel or sheet that is being punched. The slug sticks to the punch face instead of falling out of the die, causing damage to the part and the die. As machines operate faster in strokes per minute, this problem is heightened.

What’s the solution?

The Rocklinizer Carbide Application Equipment offers a proven, simple, and cost effective solution to eliminate slug pull. Through its proprietary spark deposition process, the Rocklinizer applies a precise amount of tungsten carbide, titanium carbide, or Rockhard electrode material to metals, tools, and dies to prevent wear, increase life, and improve gripping. For punching and stamping operations, the process involves applying tungsten carbide to the punch and inside the die button. The portable Rocklinizer with its handheld applicator makes this a simple, quick, and repeatable task that can be done in-house.

How do I do it?

Using the Rocklinizer applicator on a desired setting, simply apply a uniform coating of tungsten carbide to the bottom half inch of the punch to prevent wear and galling and to retain sharpness. Then coat inside the die button where the punch will go, applying 3-4 stripes on the wall of the round die button. This will keep the die in the button instead of following the material out. Coat up to the edge but not to the edge, leaving about 1/16” from the edge and coating down into the die button about 1/2”. It’s that simple.

Does It Really Work?

Yes! Punching and stamping operations around the world have relied on the Rocklinizing process to eliminate slug pull for decades.

So, What Now?

Contact Us to learn more or to arrange an on-site demo by one of our qualified sales representatives. Let the Rocklinizer become your very own slug pull assassin!

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